Personeni Raffaele Architects is an architectural office founded in 2001 and based in Lausanne.

Since its creation, its projects have included administrative, hospital and sports buildings, urban developments, new and renovated individual and collective housing, major conversion work and work on listed buildings. Our mandates come primarily from architectural competitions. The office handles the entire construction process, from design to completion. Its employees’ skills mean that it is able to support and advise the client, to act as a traditional contractor or as a general planner. The office regularly organises SIA 142/143 architectural competitions and public procurement procedures for public and private authorities. It is also called upon by various civil courts and councils to provide official expert opinions.

The office is a member of the following professional associations: SIA Swiss society of engineers and architects, REG A Foundation of the Swiss registers of professionals in engineering, architecture and the environment, VISARTE, Society of visual artists, UPIAV Employers’ association of Vaud engineers and architects, list of SIA experts.



Fabio Personeni
MAS In expertise, EPFL
Division manager at the Federal Office for Buildings and Logistics Bern, 1986-2001
Livio Vacchini, Locarno, 1984-1986
Dipl. arch. HES, Fribourg

Colette Raffaele
Member of research staff, EPFL, 2004-2008
PhD in theory and history of architecture, EPFL, 2004
MSc in architecture, EPFL

Fabrizio Raffaele
MAS in expertise, EPFL
MSc in architecture, EPFL
Dipl. arch. HES, Biel
CFC draftsman, NE



Wilmay Choy, Dan Roukoz, Cédric Schaerer



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